This year, Star Building Materials and Sterling Homes celebrates over 30 years of partnership.

This milestone was recognized with Sterling Homes presenting the 30-year Longevity Award to Star Building Materials in the late spring at their Trade Appreciation Dinner.

A Partnership Committed to Our Customers

Star Building Materials continues to reflect the importance of this award.

“We are proud to be celebrating over 30 years as a trade partner with Sterling Homes” says Ken Crockett, Vice President of Star Building Materials.

Everyone at Star Building Materials was honoured by this award as it shows the impact of the work they produce daily. The award recognizes the commitment that both businesses share to help one another succeed through the different stages of Calgary’s economy.

“Recognizing that both of our businesses have stood the test of time, have weathered both the ups and downs of the housing cycles, and continue to build our legacies of quality workmanship within the city of Calgary is what this award stands for,” said Ken.

Building, Together

From building materials, engineered wood products, trusses, and interior finish materials, Sterling Homes relies on Star Building Materials to receive material on time in order to meet construction schedules.

Over the past 24 months, the housing industry has seen a large influx in home sales across North America. This has caused the materials within the supply chain to become more difficult to source.

Another factor of delays which have affected the supply chain is the lasting impacts of COVID-19, as well as the lack of rail cars and trucks for transportation.

Through this, Sterling Homes and Star Building Materials have come together to find solutions to help each other succeed.

“Being recognized by one of Calgary’s most prominent home builders for the length of our partnership speaks to how important supply partnerships are, which has been highlighted through this past 24 months,” Ken mentioned.

Star Building Materials and Sterling Homes has been successful in navigating this by communicating with one another before the issues arise.

Looking Forward to the Future

The overarching goal of Star Building Materials and Sterling Homes is to build better cities and communities.

“We hope that our work here at Star Building Materials continues to exemplify the commitment that we have to the success of Sterling Homes,” Ken mentions.

The success of building a better community is continuing to build quality homes for the people that live in Calgary and area.

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