Truss Plant


Trusses are a critical component of every project, and quality can dictate the success and efficiency of your build. Our computer-designed trusses are intricately crafted to maximize build times, improve efficacy, and reduce material usage where possible. As a member of the Western Wood Truss Association, Star adheres to firm standards in quality control and best practices.

Our experienced designers work with you to provide cost-effective and high-quality truss solutions to suit your needs. Planning from the very beginning of the project, our trusses are designed and manufactured to fit your overall design and to install effortlessly.

SawTek And Engineered Wood Products


At Star, we know construction is about more than the building materials. How these materials are used in the building process is a significant factor in the success of a project. Errors can occur when materials are cut incorrectly, compromising structural integrity or creating a need for repair work, reducing overall efficiency and increasing costs.

Our engineered wood products are prepared using the state-of-the-art Boise Cascade Sawtek, a precision cut saw nicknamed “The Beast”. Pre-cut utility holes eliminate errors by HVAC, plumbing, and electrical trades. Lengths are precision-cut to one-sixteenth of an inch, significantly saving on material waste and disposal costs. Inkjet-marked pieces match color coded framing plans to eliminate installation errors on-site. Pre-marked/pre-cut framing packages arrive on the job site ready to install. The Boise Cascade Sawtek is the first saw of its kind in Canada. Our investment in this technology gives our clients an advantage in terms of material quality, efficient processes, and overall cost reduction.

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The Star Selection Centre


When you’re beginning a building project, you have many decisions to make. At our Star Selection Centre, all your material options are on display for you to browse through. Our experienced building professionals will talk you through the differences between the materials and give you all the information you need to choose the right supplies right from the start.

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Lumber Yard and Distribution Centre


Since starting our journey as a lumber yard over 60 years ago, we have grown to be one of the most comprehensive lumber yards in the market. Serving our customers via both Alyth Road and North Star locations, we carry a diverse selection of lumber, including Spruce, Pine, Fir, Permanent Wood Foundation (PWF), Pressure Treated Brown, Cedar, Oriented Strand Board (OSB), and more.

Our lumber is available in varying widths and lengths, including per MBF (thousand board feet) for those working on larger projects.

In late 2019, Star tripled the size of its distribution yard, relocating from the Alyth Road operations site to its new North Star location near Stoney Trail. The expansion was completed to better meet market demand, prepare for future growth, and to add new, leading-edge technology through the installation of the first Boise Cascade precision cut saw in Canada.

Our distribution yard is responsible for the efficient fulfillment of building materials orders and engineered wood products (EWP) materials.



Star Building operates two building supplies warehouses: one at the Alyth Road location and one at the new North Star location. These facilities are host to all our building supplies and finishing products, such as windows, exterior finishes, insulation, drywall, tools, hardware, and more.

In 2020 a brand-new Warehouse Management System (WMS) was implemented to allow more efficient operations and heightened customer service. Scan guns have replaced pen and paper for standard processes, enabling real-time inventory tracking and movements. This system allows us to stay on top of market demand and remain cost efficient for our buyers.

Door Shop


As with all of Star Building’s products, our made-to-order door shop crafts machine-accurate doors for your home. Rely on consistently placed lockset holes, mortise pockets, hinge preps, and other such door preparations.

Your door order is fulfilled by a qualified machine technician to ensure your doors arrive prepared to your precise specifications.

Prefabricated Wall Panel Plant


Star Building is consistently implementing new ways to provide homebuilders quality construction options. In 2020, Star Building introduced a wall panel plant at its North Star location.

Prefabricated wall panels improve on-site efficiencies, decrease construction times, and reduce overall costs to homebuilders. Wall panels also reduce material waste and improve accuracy in placement of beams and posts. Our laser-accurate process ensures your wall panels are built for quality and fit.

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